Human-Learning-Loop crop_edited-1Climetrics® is a unique organisational diagnostic we use to identify if and how your , management activities, measurement systems, structures, and delivery capabilities combine to create an service climate that leads to high-performance and long-term profitability.

The organisational climate is compiled of the combined perceptions, feelings, and behaviours of customers, staff, managers, and leaders. Extensive research has proven there is a link between the climate and overall operational performance of an organisation, and demonstrates that climate is a predictor of an organisation’s long-term profitability.

A Climetrics® diagnostic leads to a plan that, when executed, will create a superior service climate through the adoption of Sense and Respond 3.0 methods.

• Operating Strategies
• Operating Structures
• Managing Practices
• Perceptions, Feelings, and Behaviour of Customers, Staff, Managers, and Leaders
• End-to-End Service Performance
• Service Quality
• Innovation and Change Ability
• Customer Centricity
Work Climate

• Service Performance
• Long-Term Profitability
• Work Outcomes
• Employee Performance
• Job Satisfaction
• Organisational Adaptability
• Customer Perceptions of Service Quality
• Quality Improvements
• Commitment
• Absenteeism
• Staff Retention

Our Climetrics® survey also pays particular attention to your organisation’s ability and behaviours in order to:

• Engage: Understand, define, and lock onto customer needs
• Learn: Make sense of the customers’ needs and their environment and share the information across the business
• Lead: Make a case for improvement and lead change at all levels of the organisations — not just the executive
• Improve: Act and implement improvements and innovation to better serve customers and operational effectiveness

Our team at Lloyd Parry will provide you with your own Service Climate Profile — a Climatograph — using our unique Climetrics® surveying methodology, which pin-points and prioritises areas most in need of change.


Organisational Landscapes: