Lean Kanban Conference Paris

Lean Kanban Conference Paris 18th-19th October 2012



Stephen Parry Keynote Speech.

Author of Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose.

Lean and Kanban:  What’s the purpose?

This keynote speech will discuss what we mean by changing our thinking and the mind-sets of organisations.  What are the challenges for our methods and our movement as a whole? How are we dealing with those challenges and what is needed from our community for future success. In essence, what is Lean Kanban’s purpose and have we set our sights high enough?





Email: info@lloydparry.com
Phone:+44 1462 670342
Fax: +448704299874

Rupert Coles: Senior Consultant

Rupert Coles has an established record of driving transformational change using Sense and Respond 3.0 principles to bring about employee, management, leadership, and organisational breakthroughs.

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