Sense and Respond principles are grounded in sound academic theory and research. We have worked with a number of organizations over the years to ensure our applied theories and methods were independently and thoroughly tested.

Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose therefore has one foreword and four introductions written by people well versed in theory, research, and applied science. The respected authors are:

• Dr. Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld: Professor, School of Labor & Employment Relations for the University of Illinois
• Professor Daniel T. Jones: Founder and Chairman of The Lean Enterprise Academy
• Bernard Marr: (Who is he? To stay consistent, let’s also include his title)
• Professor William Carney: (Who is he? To stay consistent, let’s also include his title)
• Dr. Gary Fisher: Warwick University (Is he a professor at the University? Let’s be more clear) Point taken and agreed.

The authors of Sense and Respond thank them for sharing their knowledge, time, and encouragement during our years of transforming organizations. We are honoured they have contributed their thoughts for publication in our book.

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Rupert Coles: Senior Consultant

Rupert Coles has an established record of driving transformational change using Sense and Respond 3.0 principles to bring about employee, management, leadership, and organisational breakthroughs.

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