CLIMETRICS® – The Adaptive Business Diagnostic


Lloyd Parry International changes climates, work-climates that is. We help organisations create internal adaptive climates which lead to long-term prosperity and differentiation.

Why Climate Matters

For all species in nature, the climate is everything. It determines which animals survive, propagate and diversify. It’s the reason why palm trees don’t grow in Antarctica and why you won’t find a polar bear swimming in the Caribbean Sea. Both thrive because of perfect adaptation to their local environments.

In business, understanding the external competitive climate is critical. These days, a business’s ability to adapt can be a matter of life and death. The question is: Do you have an internal work-climate capable of sensing and responding fast enough to stay in the game and get ahead?

Your work-climate is an essential factor in predicting how your business will respond to external pressures and produce long-term prosperity, growth and sustainability. Understanding what your work-climate says about your adaptability must be a priority.

What is Your Work-climate?

Staff members, managers and leaders perceive, feel and think independently. However, when those perceptions, feelings and thoughts combine in the context of your business, the work-climate within which it operates is revealed. In short, your work-climate is the synthesis of human engagement with your business. Just as in nature, climate is a dominant force.

This combined climate of perception and feeling has been proven to have a more significant effect on the behaviour of your staff and your customers than anything else. It is the primary indicator of business performance and offers those who understand it potent powers of prediction.

Businesses that know how to adapt to constant change are far more successful than those that do not. If you know how to interpret it, your work-climate is the ultimate predictor of customer experience and an accurate barometer of future growth and success. Suffice to say, few competitive advantages have ever been more desirable than mastering the art of prediction.

What is Climetrics®?

A remarkably unique organisational diagnostic system, Climetrics®, is designed with and founded on 15 years of targeted international business research in both the industrial and the academic field. It is specifically designed to provide any business with the insight it needs to succeed in any market.

Climetrics® analyses the work-climate of your business and identifies areas in need of improvement.
Unlike the weather, which we cannot change, if your business’s work-climate is not yet optimised to drive long-term growth and prosperity, we can provide you with the tools and methods to change it.

Climate Climetrics

How it Works

Using our unique Climetrics® surveying system, Lloyd Parry’s business experts will complete a detailed analysis of your company’s work-climate and provide you with a Climatograph, presenting your work-climate in clear, comprehensive and actionable detail.

From our analysis of your management activities, measurement systems, structures, and delivery capabilities, we will provide you with an individually tailored Adaptability Score, indicating how effectively your business can respond to changes in the marketplace to maximise opportunities and differentiation.

Additionally, using Climetrics®, Lloyd Parry International will provide you with a vivid, tangible comparison of where your business is at present and where it needs to be optimised for success in a fast-changing business environment, as well as giving you the guidance and support to achieve it.

Some aspects of nature’s climate take thousands of years to change. Today’s business climates, however, can change overnight. If you want your company to survive in the marketplace, adaptability is essential. If you want to thrive, it’s critical.

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For transparency and to avoid confusion, please note that the trade mark CLIMETRICS® is owned by Stephen Parry and used by Service Climate Management Ltd, trading as Lloyd Parry International, for the diagnosis of Organisational Work-Climates and performance rating.
The trade mark  is owned and used by CDP Europe – Services GmbH for the climate impact rating for investment funds in the European Union.
Neither Service Climate Management Ltd nor Lloyd Parry International has any relation whatsoever to CDP Europe – Services GmbH or CDP Worldwide.