Stephen Parry recently spoke at the Aginext London 2019 event and gave a great talk about Business Agility and Adaptability Lessons: The Chameleon Effect.

His talk included the following points:

Business agility is rooted in the leadership style, the work design, work-climate and people development. Unlike traditional organisations that define themselves by the products or services they produce, agile and adaptive organisations define themselves by the value they create which leaves them free to develop new and innovative products and services. This requires structures, practices and people that can continually sense and respond to the most appropriate emerging customer needs before your competitors do.

The talk provide a down to earth humorous look at the transition from the agile workplace to business agility and adaptation.

  • Agile and Adaptive Business Dynamics.
  • Creating the right work-climate for success.
  • Moving from waterfall purpose to common purpose.


Stephen received some great feedback after the event:

  • Such an eye opener, was great to actually see someone sharing how they address the topic of business transformation is a very objective and structured way. Absolutely loved it!
  • Very detailed, thorough. I really value the insights.
  • Good start, good finish. The middle of the talk wasn’t interesting. I’d love to have covered other parts.
  • Extremely informative and thought provoking. Great as this was applicable outside IT.
  • So good to really should have been a keynote with 60 minutes.