Executive team members, Senior Directors and Managers.

Workshop Overview

Service companies are facing unprecedented challenges and need to transform themselves in order to survive. Pressure exists to improve customer experience, reduce operating costs and motivate staff in parallel with providing differentiated service in the market place. This calls for a new approach to Organisational Design, Management and Leadership.

Lloyd Parry have world-leading Lean Service experts who provide new thinking and new approaches to Organisational Design, Customer Service Strategies, Leadership and Organisational Development. They challenge conventional managing practices and organisational design and help companies tackle specific issues in order to generate a more effective Service Climate and create unique customer experiences.

The Executive Leadership workshop explores the consequences and constraints inherent with traditional management philosophies and suggests an alternative approach.

The workshop is designed to explore:

  • Why today’s business models do not support the modern customer
  • How the world of the service user is changing and what the implications are for service provision
  • Why traditional customer support models are broken.
  • How customer satisfaction, cost reduction, employee satisfaction and profitable revenue growth can all be achieved together
  • How sustainable service enterprises are created that are capable of operating successfully within environments of constant change
  • What the implications are in terms of strategy, organisational design, measurement, management and employee involvement

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand leading concepts in customer service provision
  • Understand why changing the mindset of employees and managers can radically change the nature of customer service provision and organisation design