If you are embarking on an adaptive lean change program, one thing is certain – you will face many challenges. It will require excellent leadership and the ability to change many aspects of your organisational work climate. The risks and potential rewards are great. Do it right and you could create a great place to work, optimise costs significantly and most importantly innovate new services and products that satisfy your customer’s needs.

This one-day workshop looks in detail at how you could use Sense and Respond 3.0 – Adaptive-Lean thinking to transform staff and management thinking. It will help you avoid the errors and assumptions that sometimes lead to change and improvement projects failing to deliver the anticipated outcomes.

Who is this for?

Senior Leaders in Operational Improvement, HR, Operations Management, Finance, Customer Service, IT, Applications Development, Senior Teams. Change Practitioners, Systems thinkers and anyone interested in creating sustained improvements for customers and employees alike.

Lean is now a familiar concept to many business leaders, but do we all have an accurate and complete understanding? It’s not about cutting costs, it’s about delivering value to customers.

What will you gain from attending?

  • Understand what Adaptive-Lean is and why it matters for people planning change and improvement programs
  • How to create a clear line of sight between what you and your staff do every day, and what the customer actually values
  • Measuring the right things in the right way – CORE LEAN principles – how to use the principles and methods to keep you focussed on what matters to your customer
  • How to collect the information that you need to make good quality decisions, and how to tell the difference between quality, robust, reliable information and the rest of the stuff you’ll get
  • Adaptive-Lean is likely to radically transform what people do every day, how do you manage this
  • Measuring internal and external customer outcomes and using this information to keep evolving


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