• IT Directors, Managers, and CIOs
  • COOs
  • Operations Managers

Workshop Overview

In this unique one-day seminar, Lloyd Parry Senior Partner Stephen Parry takes an in-depth look at how software delivers value to stakeholders, and how to design a system of work aligned to optimize the value delivered.

The IT Function is well placed to help organisations benefit fully from applying Lean principles, but success depends on aligning all the steps in the value stream. If you integrate Lean service and Agile development to support each other, you’ll be able to deliver the radical improvements in service, quality, and development time that our current tough climate demands. This exclusive event shows you how using Agile and Lean thinking together can completely and permanently transform your IT function.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • What “Lean” is and how it relates to IT
  • What we mean by “Lean” and what we mean by “Agile”
  • The organisation’s sourcing strategy, and how Lean thinking creates a more outcome-focused partnership
  • How Lean enables Six Sigma, ITIL, other frameworks, and continuous improvement methods to deliver business benefit
  •  How to engage with key stakeholders and gain understanding of their perception of value
  •  How to use visible measures to eliminate waste and build sustainable, collaborative, and mutually beneficial management processes
  • How to build a body of experience for the guidance of future project teams and continuously improve the effectiveness of your people