15th International Conference On Technology, Policy And Innovation

ICT and Science in a Complex World

17–19 June 2015
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

Presenter: Stephen Parry
Programme: New forms of adaptive organisational workforces: Faster adaptability is the new core competency in the new economy


The need for faster levels of organisational and structural responsiveness to changes in ICT and global business.

The need to change the way we design, build and operate organisations to become more adaptive.

How can we create managerial systems that can rapidly change organisations and increase the adaptability of the workforce?

  • Sense and Respond Organisations
  • Lean Organisational Performance
  • Lean Organisational Design Principles


Organisational structures and workforces need new forms of adaptation to meet the demands of new technologies and new competitive business models.

Changing technologies, business models and competitive landscapes are today’s normal business challenges. However, few have the ability to adapt fast enough, let alone exploit these changing circumstances because of their traditional cultural approaches to management, measurement and people development. Focusing on a new form of adaptive management with an adaptive workforce is now the new cutting edge in developing a winning business culture that supports the change agenda within your organisation. So how adaptable is your organisation?

A new research driven adaptive framework developed by Stephen Parry, Climetrics© will highlight the core features of adaptive organisations.

The ICTPI Conference comes to the UK for the first time in 2015. It will take place at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, on June 17th to 19th, on the topic of “ICT and Science in a Complex World”.

About the conference

The ICTPI conferences aim to bring together leading representatives of academic, business, and government sectors worldwide to present and discuss current and future issues of critical importance for using science and technology to foster regional economic development and shared prosperity at home and abroad.

Multidisciplinary perspectives are encouraged to provide state-of-the-art and useful knowledge to decision makers in both the private and public sectors – including informed and effective education, business, and government policies and strategies for the global, knowledge economy.

Researchers and practitioners were invited to submit papers relevant to any of the main themes of the Conference: Smart Cities, New Economy, Data Security and Education Futures or linking between the themes.

Current Workshops

‘I am Spartacus’ – Would the real Lean thinker please stand up?

Tactics to survive and prosper while on your Agile/ Lean Journey.

‘I am Spartacus’ is a famous saying from the film of the same name when the ancient Romans were trying to capture the rebel leader and cried out who is Spartacus. Every man stood up and claimed to be him because he had become an idea worth standing up for.

Creating change using Agile and Lean always means changing the way people think and behave. Many believe you are talking common-sense; others you’re crazy, others you are a manipulative tool of management, others that it’s hard and difficult work which needs sensitivity and patience to bring different people towards a deeper understanding of collaboration, willing contribution and purpose.

The workshop will talk about:

  • How to identify those who use Agile and Lean words convincingly, yet still don’t get it
  • How to avoid the ‘I do this already – common sense’ trap
  • How to understand the world of others and create conversations for change
  • How to create a common purpose to change the work climate for good

Recents presentation:

Agile Adria Conference 2015

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Waste is Optional

Customer Value defines meaningful work; everything else is optional including the waste.

What do we need to do to make waste a thing of the past and prevent it creeping back into the organisation?

Of all the ideas associated with ‘Lean and Agile’, ‘cutting waste’ is perhaps the most widely known, but it is also the most misunderstood, primarily because most organisations don’t actually know what waste is. Waste disposal, waste recycling and waste paper – these terms ring familiar bells for almost everyone. However, as Lean shows us, waste is about far more.

The combination to unlock waste and release customer value is:

  • Employee creativity
  • Innovation
  • Willing contribution

The presentation will prove we can design back in the employees’ willing contribution to establish a real human workplace that is adaptive, innovative, engaging and almost waste free.

Pre-reading before the event: Published on-line article Institute of Leadership and Management: Keeping it Lean by Stephen Parry.

Recent presentations:

Optional Conference 2015

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Current Keynote

Frontier challenges for Lean and Agile to stay on purpose

Purpose is your passion; vision is the world you wish to create; strategy is how you get there; tactics ensure you survive the journey.

The above statement is not a corporate mantra; it’s a serious structure to apply personally if you are involved in change.

Lean and Agile take a very different view of the world of work, its purpose, the work climate and engaging the willing contribution of others towards a common purpose for creating wealth together.

New methods, fads, technologies, business models, globalisation, and outsourcing can easily blow us off course, so how do we stay on purpose in a world where everything is changing?

Most Recent presentation:

Agile Adria Conference 2015

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Are the public courses accredited?

No. This is because the public courses are based on non-traditional approaches and uncommon knowledge from Sense and Respond, Adaptive and Learning Organizations, and Lean Service. These courses are also delivered flexibly, based on the particular topic under discussion and the audience members attending. That said, we do offer an accreditation system for facilitators. Please e-mail us for more information.

Do you offer public courses in house?

Yes. We offer bespoke training to companies and organizations dedicated to educating, training, and developing their staff at any level. Please e-mail us for more information.