Join some of the most forward thinking managers and consultants as they gather for an event many describe as the highlight of the year.

Announcement: Stephen Parry will be presenting at the Lean Kanban Conference in Chicago.

“I am honored and pleased to be delivering two presentations at this important event.”

First Presentation:

Designing Adaptive, Innovative and Engaging Organisations using Sense and Respond 3.0 Adaptive Lean Principles.

What do Adaptive Lean principles tell us about the way we need to design, build and operate modern businesses? Can we design organizations that are adaptive, innovative and engaging for employees and customers alike? Can we really change cultures in reasonably short time-frames?

This presentation based on the most recent research from work psychology will provide counter intuitive insights into the ‘industrial management’ mind set, its impact on the design of work and management behaviors. And of course we will provide tested countermeasures to design back in employee willing contribution and establish a real human enterprise that leads to long term prosperity.

Second Presentation:

W. Edwards Deming’s enduring principles brought to life for a new generation of managers.

‘Today, there is indeed growing evidence that we are in the middle stages of a second industrial divide, which has been variously characterized as involving an information revolution, increased interconnection across global markets, the rise of flexible specialization in production and service operations, and a transformation toward knowledge-driven work in all sectors of the economy.’ What insights can we gain from Deming’s work to make sense of the modern environment and what are the implications for the way we design, build and operate our businesses? More importantly, how do we equip new managers to deal with complexity while finding the best way to manage people?

Other Speakers

Imagine the most-respected Lean & Kanban experts all sharing their knowledge under one roof. Now rejoice because it’s real. It’s Lean Kanban North America!

Some names you’ll recognize. Some you won’t. But they’re all shaping the global Lean software conversation. From big companies to small businesses to independent contractors, you’ll hear every perspective … and walk away ready to conquer your own business challenges.


Bob Lewis – IT Catalysts

Douglas Hubbard – Hubbard Decision Research

Maria McManus – Leading Geeks

Paul Glen – Leading Geeks

Track Chairs

Dr. Arne Roock – it-agile

Dr. Klaus – LEANability

Dr. Robert Charette – ITABHI Corporation

Jade Bloom – The Library Corporation/TLC Labs

Janice Linden-Reed – David J. Anderson & Associates, Inc.

Larry Maccherone – Rally Software

Lisa Shoop – Sabre Airline Solutions

Main Stage

David J. Anderson – Lean Kanban University

Hillel Glazer – Entinex

Jim Benson – Modus Cooperandi

Joshua Kerievsky – Industrial Logic

Luke Hohmann – The Innovation Games® Company

Michael Kennedy – Targeted Convergence Corporation

Ray Immelman – Stewart Phillip International

Stephen Parry – Lloyd Parry

Todd Little – Landmark Graphics