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Power Your PMO With The Adptive Enterprise

Increase productivity with continuous planning
Business is evolving. Today’s customer expects an instant response to their demands. Today’s executive expects the PMO to deliver with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The name of the game is adaptability – not predictability.

Annual planning and cumbersome project lifecycles are no longer enough to meet these challenges. A new mindset is needed – one that enables the PMO to constantly evaluate and innovate as opportunities emerge, adding business value beyond tasks and processes.

Join this webinar with internationally renowned Author, Keynote Speaker and Change Architect, Stephen Parry at Lloyd Parry International and Carina Hatfield CPA, Senior Product Manager at Planview, to explore:

  • How to create an adaptive PMO that flexes to the speed of change
  • How to build a PMO that is responsive to the business need
  • How to promote executive confidence, even in times of uncertainty
  • How to create budgets, plans and resource maps that deliver the strategy but respond to the reality
  • How to partner with the business and become an Enterprise PMO

About Stephen Parry

Stephen Parry is an international leader and organisational architect, designing and creating adaptive organisations. He has a world-class reputation for passionate leadership and organisational transformation by changing the way employees, managers and leaders think about their business and their customers.

He is the author of Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose (Palgrave), a highly regarded book written as a follow-up to his award-winning organisational transformations. His change work was recognised when he received Best Customer Service Strategy at the National Business Awards.

Stephen Parry

Stephen believes that organisations must be designed around the needs of customers through the application of employee creativity, innovation and willing contribution. This was recognised when his approach received awards from the European Service Industry for the Best People Development Programme and a personal award for Innovation and Creativity. His clients include many global corporations and national governments: SAP, LEGO, BT, UK government, police authorities, financial services, Telcos, retail, Legal Services, IT and software companies, outsourcing and shared services.

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One of the divisions most affected by a company’s move to Lean IT is the Human Resources Department. This is to be expected as Lean IT is about a business’s people and their development.

Ana-Paula Ribeiro, director of data store services at Amadeus made some striking points recently on how Lean IT is transforming their Human Resources Department.

She noted that while silos still exist at Amadeus, as they do in any company, communication is now much better, gatekeepers prevent bad data coming in, and the goals are clearer.