This tutorial is for any manager who wishes to understand A3 Thinking or develop the ability to think critically, communicate well, and enable collaborative approaches to problem solving and improvement.

Workshop Overview

How can you be sure you’re making the best possible management decisions? Even when there is time, information is coming from so many sources it can be difficult to know what is “noise” and what requires your attention. In such data-rich circumstances, you need a better way of thinking — a structured problem-solving mind-set for you and your staff.

In this workshop, we will teach you and your team how to use A3 thinking to make sure you get, interpret, and act on the right information so you can innovate and solve problems.

First developed at Toyota, A3 Thinking is a structured thinking process that can be used by anyone and applied to just about any management problem. It is especially effective at helping understand and solve complex, cross-functional, and chronic problems. The A3 Thinking process can help you:

  • Make rapid, iterative steps toward improvement and problem solving
  • Surface issues and problems in a way that avoids blaming individuals
  • Cut through the noise and/or misleading information to get the facts
  • Be clear with your team about priorities and responsibilities
  • Quickly develop a problem-solving mind-set in your staff to take responsibility for improvement

Key Learning Outcomes

In this challenging and interactive workshop, you will learn the theory behind the A3 Thinking process and practice techniques and methods so you can use them immediately when returning to work. In this two-day session, you will learn:

  • The principles behind A3 Thinking and how they differ from traditional approaches
  • How to go beyond the superficial uses of the A3 report so the thinking instils a structured problem solving mind-set that will make a difference to the organisation
  • How to develop countermeasures and solutions that can be tested before committing to large-scale use
  • How to use critical thinking and scientific enquiry skills
  • How to foster a blame-free climate of trust to surface problems for teams to address

Attendees will also learn the principles of A3 Coaching and experience the roles of the A3 Student and A3 Coach.


Attendees should each bring with them a live “problem topic” from their workplace they would like to address. These topics will be used over the two days for the attendees to learn how to coach and apply A3 Thinking.