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Adaptive Business Dynamics.

  1. Engaging and understanding customers Organisations have methods and approaches to engage with customers, understand and quantify their needs while measuring their own organisation’s end-to-end ability to satisfy customers.
  2. Learning and sharing customer and business intelligence Organisations have methods and approaches to enable the sharing and understanding of customer and external market information horizontally between departments, and vertically between staff, managers and leaders.
  3. Leading and choosing new ways to serve customers Organisations have methods and approaches to enable them to identify areas in need of change and develop new possibilities and choices to serve customers and markets better than their competition.
  4. Improving and adapting the organisation to better serve customers Organisations have methods to enable people to improve, innovate and change day-to-day work activities to better serve customers.


Work-Climate Diagnosis Climetrics®

The work-climate is the combined perceptions, feelings, and behaviours of staff, managers, and leaders.

Extensive research has proven a link between the climate and overall operational performance of an organisation, and this connection demonstrates that the environment is a predictor of sustainable financial success.  As a result, the Climetrics®, organisational diagnostic, has been developed to identify how management activities, measurement systems, structures, and delivery capabilities combine to create a business that leads to high performance and long-term profitability.  It determines the current state of the business and provides an overall Adaptability rating.


Repurposing for Adaptability.

The cycle for moving the organisation towards and achieving an Adaptive Organisation and Culture is explained using four developmental stages aimed at specific roles within the company:


Adaptive Business Design – The Change Architect

In this step, the change architects develop methods and approaches to design change initiatives in response to business and market pressures. They determine the scale and complexity depending on the nature of the business change and organisational developmental requirements.


Adaptive Business Engagement – The Change Maker

The change makers create methods, systems and practices to enable their organisation to develop internal change capability, utilising leadership, coaching and mentoring, change management, and influencing and planning skills.


Adaptive Business Adoption – The Change Agent

Change agents enable traditional coaching communities to coach and mentor the adoption and integration of Adaptive methods into everyday work. This allows for the development of end-to-end collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and improvement activities at all levels of the organisation.


Adapting the Business Continually – The Manager

The managers provide skills, knowledge and behaviours to manage an Adaptive business to sustain and enhance business delivery capabilities, while engaging the willing contribution of staff. Managers with responsibilities for ensuring continuous value flows to customers will need specific knowledge to manage end-to-end and adaptively.

Managers building and improving delivery capabilities will learn how manage in an organic adaptive way. Managers involved in operating strategies and structures will learn how co-ordinate and leverage  an adaptive business and work-climate.

Finally your competitive strategy will need to take advantage of your adaptability to go to market faster with differentiated products and services.


Education Modules

Each of these stages has been broken down into course modules ( see below ) that enable organisations to acquire sufficient knowledge, master practices and demonstrate behaviours to initiate and sustain the journey to a fully mature Adaptive organisation and work-climate.

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