Who Is This For?

Senior Leaders in HR, Operations, Finance, Customer Service, IT and Senior Teams.

Workshop Overview

If you are embarking on a Shared Services programme, one thing is certain – you will face many challenges. It will require excellent leadership and the ability to change many aspects of your organisational culture. The risks and potential rewards of shared services are great. Do it right and you could cut costs significantly and at the same time improve services.

This masterclass looks in detail at how you could use Sense and Respond – Lean and Adaptive thinking to underpin your shared services implementations. It will help you avoid the errors and assumptions that sometimes lead to shared services failing to deliver the anticipated value for money.

The content draws on recent experience implementing LEAN service transformations at a major global consumer brand, Lego and SAP. All of the content is based on the actual, real-life experiences of these companies who have made radical improvements to the way their services are delivered.

You will be able to learn about the principles of LEAN in shared services, and see how they were applied in the case study organisations, and be guided in how you could adapt and apply these lessons to your own circumstances.

The day will challenge you to think completely differently about what is achievable for your organisation, and how you can take practical steps to make radical improvements to service while delivering efficiencies and cost savings.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • What exactly is LEAN and why does it matter for people planning shared services – Lean is now a familiar concept to many business leaders, but do we all have an accurate and complete understanding? It’s not about cutting costs, it’s about delivering value to customers
  • How to create a clear line of sight between what you and your staff do every day, and what the customer actually values
  • Measuring the right things in the right way – CORE LEAN principles – how to use the principles and tools to keep you focussed on what matters to your customer, and why this is especially vital when planning/running shared services
  • How to collect the information that you need to make good quality decisions, and how to tell the difference between quality, robust, reliable information and the rest of the stuff you’ll get
  • Managing resources during the transition to shared services – do you have enough people are they doing the right things – LEAN is likely to radically transform what people do every day, how do you manage this?
  • Measuring internal and external customer outcomes and using this information to keep evolving

Feedback For This Very Popular Event

“A breakthrough in what can be achieved in customer focused services” 

“Excellent presentation”

“Best I’ve seen in a long time. Genuinely passionate delivery”

“Great use of graphics in the slides. Certainly knows his stuff”

“Thought provoking”

“Got some good ideas and useful models for my programme”

“Very knowledgeable and clear presentation”

“A really useful view of key concepts, including psychological changes required”

“Given me a great deal to think about going forward”

“An excellent day, this process needs to be implemented in all businesses sooner rather than later”

“Very inspiring and full of very informative anecdotes and case studies”

“Very useful. Inspired and very knowledgeable speaker”

“Very relevant for our organisation at this time of service improvement/transformation”

“Professionally delivered with great case studies”

“Well facilitated by someone who has ‘been there and done it!’”