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Organisational Change Programs

We understand that the issues that effect organizations are not always the same. So we take a deep dive to understand where the root problems lie and help you fix them. The result is transformative change that drives smart growth.

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Adaptability Simulation

Our Adaptive Organisation Simulation is a two day workshopdeveloped for managers and directors in large organisations to show them how to implement an adaptive framework for success based on the Sense and Respond methodologies.Learn more

Internal Workshops

Dealing with changing technologies, new business models and new competitive landscapes are familiar struggles felt across all industries. Our internal workshops are created to help leaders and teams create more adaptable organisations.Learn more

Sense and Respond vs. Command and Control

Lloyd Parry International is a world leader in improving customer experience through organisational operating models using agile and adaptive techniques.

Our core competency is working with IT companies to implement transformative organisational change programs that allow them to become more adaptable to changing customer needs.

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The change agent’s dilemma: should I stay or should I go?

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When working with an organisation on an Adaptive transformation, one of the most important decisions has to do with who is going to be the change agent. Change agents are chosen out of the ranks of an organisation by those involved in Adaptive training. Once chosen, this role will have a very long-lasting impact, not only on

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How to do Shared Services the right – LEAN – way

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So you’ve got duplicate internal services in your organisation. Simple enough to just share them with others in the company, right? Great thinking! Too bad it’s not that easy to execute in the real world. The upside is really impressive: you get to cut costs significantly while improving services. And it can be done. It

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Making your talent valuable is the best organisational talent strategy

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When working on an Adaptive-Lean transformation with an organisation, we look at their management, their leaders, their talent. What we’ve found that when it comes to recruitment, far too many look for candidates that are likely to maintain the status quo rather than infuse the organisation with new ideas. The phrase ‘perfect fit’ is the

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